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“The Cookie Crumbles” checks off all the boxes of what great musical theater songs should sung by Lesli Margherita in the show’s standout performance, it provides a bravura moment."~ NY Times

"Standing out is Lesli Margherita as Phyllis, Phil’s long-suffering snob of a wife, who gets every laugh effortlessly with her deadpan delivery.  She also nails her second act number. " ~ Variety

"...Lesli Margherita,  just as hilariously irritable and dance-obsessed as she was playing another unhappy spouse in “Matilda” on Broadway..."~ Hartford Courant

"Lesli Margherita...showed us all how it is done." ~ Patch

"Lesli Margherita is hilarious as Phyllis Brody and delivers an eleven o'clock number that thrills." BWW

"Margherita is given a knockout solo number in the second act called “The Cookie Crumbles” in which she warns Jeffrey’s girl not to make the same mistakes she did. It’s a terrific song; Margherita gives it a powerhouse performance." ~ Arts Fuse

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