"As Julie, Lesli Margherita easily navigates the vocal and dramatic requirements of 'Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man', her act one showstopper.  But her daring rendition of 'Bill'...does for this song what Showboat did for musical comedy. Miss Margherita turns 'Bill' into a chilling trainwreck--think Amy Winehouse at her final concerts--that has forever changed the way I hear this song." ~ NEW YORK TIMES

"Ms. Margherita's magnificent voice and broad acting range bring honest pathos to her interpretation of the haunting love song 'Bill'." ~ THE HARTFORD CRUISE

"Lesli Margherita creates stirring self-pitying torch song renditions of 'Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man' and 'Bill'. Margherita's performance is both nuanced and directly, glowingly entertaining." ~ NEW HAVEN THEATER

PHOTO CALL: Showboat with Ben Davis, Sarah Uriarite Berry and Lesli Margherita at Goodspeed ~ PLAYBILL

"Lesli Margherita gives Julie a theatrical edge...with a voice that's the aural equivalent of velvet--just sumptuous." ~ THE DAY

"The large cast...is amazing...Lesli Margherita is stunning as Julie, the tragic hero here." ~WNFR Fine Arts Radio

"The entire cast is sublime...and beautifully sung...Margherita nails 'Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man'." ~ BEHIND THE CURTAIN

"Making this production totally enjoyable are the stellar performances across the plank. Vocally, everyone makes the Jerome Kern score an absolute pleasure to hear...and Margherita stirs up a river of multiple emotions in a tour-de-force 'Bill'." ~ CONNECTICUT ARTS CONNECTION

"The songs are sung by a highly accomplished cast, all delivering finely polished performances...Lesli Margherita, a radiant and vulnerable Julie, has a dynamic, emotive voice that accentuates her character's tragic nature." ~ STU ON BROADWAY


"I especially liked the Julie of Lesli Margherita...she balances Julie's performing confidence with a wariness that humanizes her character.  In her rendition of the classic 'Bill', she is especially riveting." ~ HARTFORD ARTS

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