"Critic's Pick! Lesli Margherita is a virtuoso singer and a consummate actor...her wistful 'Somewhere That's Green' is a showstopper, and she scores a similar coup in the soaring love duet 'Suddenly Seymour'." ~ BACKSTAGE

"There's probably no one in musical theater more phenomenal than Olivier Award-winning Margherita...this petite dynamo's virtual reinvention of Audrey is something to celebrate." ~ STAGE SCENE LA

"Lesli Margherita has found a near-perfect signature role in Audrey...in less skilled hands, the role could become mere caricature, but Margherita elevates it to something truly special." ~ MUSICALS IN LA

Off-Stage Friends Star as On-Stage Lovers ~ LA STAGE TIMES feature article

Lesli Margherita's Glamorous Reign: an interview with musical theater's reigning Diva ~ WORLD OF STAGE

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