"Is it likely that you’ll ever see a better Miss Adelaide than Lesli Margherita?  The answer is no. Her Miss Adelaide is a brilliant creation. She is a squeaky-voiced, New-York accented kewpie doll, with a heart as big as a house but easily broken. Her songs “Bushel and a Peck” and “Adelaide’s Lament” are as hilarious as the reprise of “Adelaide’s Lament” is heart wrenching."  New Hope Free Press

"Lesli Margherita is spectacular as Adelaide the nightclub singer who’s been engaged to gambler Nathan Detroit for fourteen years. Brassy yet endearing, she impressively belts “A Bushel and a Peck,” “Take Back Your Mink,” as well as “Adelaide’s Lament”. " ~ DC Metro Theater Arts

"Name it, and Margherita excels in it. Her timing is impeccable. She can measure any line — comic, angry, hurt, or screwball — for total impact and even surprise. She can generate laughs and tears from one look. Her voice ranges from the typical Adelaide squeak to basso profundo with the ease and skill of a 101-piece symphony orchestra. She can stop the show with a single utterance, so when she has a number, the delight, the very treat of having Margherita on stage, increases exponentially. " ~ Princeton Info

"Adelaide takes center stage (and nabs the final bow) in this production, largely due to Lesli Margherita’s finely tuned comedic performance...she calls to mind Judy Holliday in appearance and manner. Just like Holliday, Margherita proves expert at locating the pathos beneath a funny line." ~ Broad Street Review

"You're not going to find a better performance on any stage on any stage anytime soon. Margherita is brilliant as Miss Adelaide, the frustrated fiancee of Nathan Detroit...Her voice is a powerhouse, soaring at times. Her exaggerated "New Yawk" accent is a hoot, and she brings terrific touches, like impossibly high hiccups to "Bushel and a Peck," and some of the funniest eye twitching you'll ever see.  She's the best reason to see this production..." CentralJersey.com

"[As] Adelaide Lesli Margherita has plenty of star power and a terrific voice...[she] is everything you could wish for." Philly Mag

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