“...the Olivier Award-winning Lesli Margherita is a daffy blast to watch”~ NY Times

“The terrific cast...features the ever-outstanding Lesli Margherita as the Princess, who rules Emojiland with a hilariously camp indifference to the needs of her digital populace and is happy to let them know that 'Princess Is a Bitch.'" DC Metro

"If I’m to recommend Emojiland...it would be on the basis of the smart, funny song “Princess is a Bitch.”  Princess [Lesli Margherita]...gives the song the feeling of a Blackout-era Britney Spears...I was absolutely in awe of her. Brunette Britney-on-the-edge is a specific, pretty smart embodiment of the modern definition of the word “princess,” and I was physically furious each time a song did not involve [Lesli]. She was so mean and beautiful! ~ The Verge

"Margherita is a comical riot, shining with moxie-laden tastelessness and irreverence." ~ BroadwayWorld

"...the perfect comic duo - Josh Lamon and Lesli Margherita” TheaterMania

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